The Enlightenment Room at the British Museum


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During the Enlightenment, encounters with the rest of the world led to an increase in knowledge and curiosity.

When I went into the Enlightenment Room for the first time I was struck by the shafts of light that highlight the extraordinary collection of exhibits.

The room is full of sparkles, gems and surprises. Lines and curves that intersect and lead to unexpected nuggets of learning. Curiosities that enhance or challenge our ideas. Lines that appear straight but are not, lines which lead to reflections of insight into the world around us - which we generally deem to be familiar, but are surprised by their strangeness.

For me, the Enlightenment Room continues and builds on our own experience of discovery.

The other photos


Enlightenment, Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Collecting Cultures’ initiative

British Museum, The Enlightenment Room

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Images that challenge our beliefs and what we think we know